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Design and New Technologies.

As a design studio, we have developed, designed, industrialized projects and started the production on behalf of our partners. PU technology has been used and observed for 30 years.

Through cooperation with manufacturers of hard polyurethanes, we have introduced innovative solutions, for example, by combining the varnishing process with the injection moulding phase, and in that way the varnish has been replaced with foil. The entire process was successfully developed in terms of production including the execution of the production line.

Due to the success in the development of production of high-technology products, we have decided to continue developing the technology which we have named FOILED FORM in parallel with our design services.

Three production lines were created and we have retained ownership of two of them, while the third was sold to GORENJE d.d. Because the technology as well as the hardware are the fruit of our many years of hard labour, we also maintain the production line and design production tools for Gorenje.

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